Do you want to break through your traumatic wounds so you can expand your business?

Are you ready to finally heal so you can rebuild your confidence and make massive impact and great money?

My name is Angela and I want to personally guide you through this expansion by showing you your limiting patterns and beliefs so you can level up now.

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Stop and read this before going any further ...

“Angela helped me launch my business in 30 days!”

Jessica B.

“Angela course helped me create a business plan and give me the confidence to start my business!”

Stephanie J.

Imagine this, sis:

Finally healing those deep emotional wounds that are holding you back from tapping into success.

Learning to stand in your worth so you can raise your rates and market your business using visibility strategies you know are effective.

Building a brand online that has people saying, “I see her everywhere!”.

Actually connecting with your ideal clients and closing sales faster because your online presence makes them feel seen, heard, and validated.

Feeling the magnetic power of higher confidence and self esteem so you can make quicker decisions and take control of your life and business.

Oh, and finally having a business that makes life changing money!! Now you can make life upgrades you’ve been putting off and reinvest in your business!

Look, we know that you’ve done the research on your business. That’s great, you’ve committed time to learning, which is important.

And we also know that you’re totally committed to the BIG WHY behind your business. You’re a woman who has experienced transformation and is on a mission to create impact.

But, up until this point, you haven’t seen the success you hoped. And you know that - no matter how many additional skills you learn or mindset training you watch - there’s something within you that might just be sabotaging your success.

That thing that’s holding you back is trauma.

It might look like a past abusive relationship or maybe something a bit more covert and complex - like not getting your emotional needs met as a child.

Regardless, the fact is, you haven’t gotten the healing you need to move on from past trauma, and it’s that trauma that’s sabotaging you.

But that’s only half your problem ...

The other side of this coin is that you’re not growing fast enough in your business.

You and I both know that you’re totally over spending countless hours watching YouTube videos on how to heal your trauma or think positive or manifest success.

On top of that, you’re also sick of watching videos on how to make money in your business from people who may or may not have even done what you want to do. It seems like everyone has a different system - and it’s all so confusing!

Oh, and - let’s see - you feel like you’ve been working so hard for so long, yet you still don’t have enough money to do things like travel, buy a new car, or move to a new place.

And, some days, you’re honestly ready to just throw in the towel.

Alright, it’s time for me to break down TWO truths for you:

Truth #1:

YouTube University isn’t it, babe.

Spending your days watching video after video is just going to keep you on the “learning without earning” hamster wheel.

In addition, dedicating all that time to consuming videos has you in a false sense of productivity - when, really, it’s just a crutch that keeps you playing small.

Truth #2:

It’s time for you to work with a coach.

When you work with a coach, you get mentorship from someone who can guide and challenge you in a way you could never do by yourself or for yourself.

Especially if you have trauma you need to work through.

Ready to transcend your trauma and build your business?

Introducing: 6-Figure CEO

A program for women entrepreneurs who want to gain confidence while tripling their visibility in as little as 90 days.

6-Figure CEO will help you gain confidence, freedom, joy, self-awareness, and money - and help you attract your ideal client.

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As a member of 6-Figure CEO, you will learn how to:

Heal past trauma and end self-sabotage.

Triple your visibility as a business owner.

Step up as a leader within your niche or industry.

Unlike other business coaching programs, 6-Figure CEO helps you deal with the real issues behind why you’re not getting the results you want in your business.

In other words: we’re going to unpack and heal the trauma that is sabotaging your business.

Here’s what you’re going to get inside 6-Figure CEO:

1:1 Coaching - Let’s sit down together, just you and me, for some 6-figure biz strategy

Done-for-You Social Media Content - Instantly increase your brand’s visibility with our library of social media content

90-Day Launch Program - Launch your business in 90 days and attract your ideal client

Personal Development Training - End the self-sabotage by healing your trauma and removing blocks to your success

Leadership Training - Success is all about leadership, learn how to be a stand-out leader in the crowd

Healing - Learn to let go of the past to see what's good happening now

Guest Expert Training - I invited top experts in the field to share their knowledge on how to live a life transformed and have a successful business

Live Video Training - Training with me to get the extra help you need to expand your brand

Affirmations - Manifest your success faster with custom-crafted affirmations

eBooks, extra resources, and so much more!

“I was able to learn all that I needed to do and implement with tools in order to start my own business and launch it within 30 days - which I did! I was incredibly blessed by this process and by Angela and all of her wisdom - she is a champion of women. I highly recommend any of her classes if you plan on starting your own business.”

Jessica Belkey

Hello, I’m Angela

and I’m the woman who is going to help transform you into a successful entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur myself, here are just a few things I’ve accomplished:

I have owned a daycare center, construction company, a janitorial company, and have a thriving skincare company.

I have received an award for my services and I have helped women evolve into the life of their dreams.

I host a yearly conference called EVOLVE centered around women, featuring the mayors of my city and Dr. Caroline Leaf as guest speakers among other experts.

I have training and coaching from Marissa Peer and JT Foxx.

I am a 6-time author, podcaster, and creator of a program for youth in schools.

I am a public speaker who has spoken on platforms throughout the world.

I received a professional women award in 2021 and have been featured in Black Enterprise, Black Business, Rolling Out and Her Story Magazine.

My podcast has very prominent guests such as Korto who has products in over 50 Dillards and a few well known clients.

In other words, creating, launching, and scaling businesses is what I live for, and I can’t wait to help you find your own success!

You’re perfect for 6-Figure CEO if you:

Are a busy woman and/or mom.

Are aware you have things blocking your success and want healing.

Ready to raise yourself into a high vibration so that you can be all you want to be.

Dream of becoming a household name!

Still on the fence?

I understand making investments in yourself can be scary. So, to help make this big step easier for you, I’m offering a full money-back guarantee on your investment in 6-Figure CEO.

Please see the Terms of Service for details

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“Angela has helped me to understand my God-given purpose in regards to my business through personal development and personal assessment exercises. I gained knowledge that helped me to build a sound business plan as well as strategies to help me carry out the business plan and bring the vision to path. If you would like to take your business to the next level, I suggest you consider the services of Angela. I came away empowered, educated and equipped with entrepreneurial skills and with a greater confidence that allows me to share my knowledge and my services with my clients in a way that empowers them and helps them to reach their full potential.”

Stephanie Jenkins

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