About Us 

Women like YOU  are RISING  like the phoenix from the ashes. Healing their wounded soul and letting go of past trauma awakening to their femininity and owning their divinity, and being the  goddess they are with grace, regality, aristocracy, compassion and strength. They are becoming speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Will you be one of them?

We are helping women and moms change their values both spiritually and naturally. Clearing out the wounds and becoming the disruptive brand, business owner and entrepreneur they’ve always imagined they would be.    

Are you one of them?

Who do we serve?

Coaches, Speakers, Chefs, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Public Speakers, Musicians, Healers, Teachers, Real - Estate agents, CEO’s, and Product based brands who want to become a disruptive brand in the world.  Women and moms struggling yet have strong inspiration to make a difference in the world.

One day, just like that. You’ll Rediscover Your Light, You’ll Embrace Your Inner Goddess, And You’ll Snatch Your Power Back. - Angela

Our Values

We Value Love Over Control.

Collaboration Over Competition.

We Value Gratitude Over Complaining.

Empowerment Rather Than Training.

Growing An Organization That Gives Back By Assisting The World In HER Healing.

Bigger Is Not Always Better… We Value Quality Over Quantity.

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Angela has spoken to Leaders and Entrepreneurs on stages around the world and at her Evolve Events.

Along with being energetic, compassionate, and brilliant.  Her intuitive and mindfulness style teaching ability allows her to connect with her audience on a deeper level. Angela creates experiences in the room, many have coined her as “lady wisdom” her insightful and thought provoking storytelling captivates the audiences leading them on a journey of self discovery, evolution and  transformation from within.

She has shared the stage with Leaders such as Dr. Caroline Leaf, Chef Samone Lett, and John Brave. 

Keynote Talks

Discovering Your Inner CEO.

Each person on this earth has an innerCEO, a compass that helps steer them in the direction of the most desirable outcome. Angela shows you how to access your InnerCEO and yield to the InnerCEO guidance in order to live life unlimited.

Disrupt Not Duplicate.

How to be a disruptive product base brand to disrupt market, and how to have people desiring your product and placed on retail platforms.

A Brand New You.

Discover the real meaning behind Branding. How to brand effectively to attract your ideal customers .

How to Bend Reality To Get What You Desire In Life. 

How to master your mindset, heal old emotional wounds, let go of trauma so that you can fully understand YOU and your relationship to Business & Money.

Attract Your Tribe With Your Voice.

The process of breaking through limitations and moving to the next level of prosperity.


Our Team

& Core Faculty

Angela Y. Ervin

CEO of 6 - Figure Lab Business

Angela is the founder & CEO of 6 - Figure Lab and E. Enterprise & Investment Co. For 25 years Angela has empowered and transformed the lives of men and women across the United States. As a respected voice and inspirational speaker in the business, healing, life transformation, and spiritual development, Angela has built a transformational Women’s Network on Leadership and Business Coaching.

Angela has hosted and spoken alongside the most prominent voices in our nation such as Dr. Caroline Leaf, Michelle McClain, Dr. Yvonne Capehart, and Celebrity Chef Samone, Lett.  Angela has authored  books such as: The Power to Heal; The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur, Hello World It’s Me, Entrepreneur Blueprint, A Single Mother’s Guide To Learn, launching Growing a Business and 13 Laws of Success. 

Angela believes in practical implementation and thus founded this platform known as the 6- Figure CEO Womanhood Community where we connect with other girls and women of like-minds around the world – to help them grow and be the best of what they were created to do, most particularly in the area of business and entrepreneurship pursuits.

Angela, is also CEO & Founder of JYvae Natural Skincare line, - helping customers globally feel confident in their own skin.. 

Veronica Williams

Director of Programs and Head of Coaching

Veronica Williams is a wealth of resources and you're an excellent coach. Veronica, Founder of Let’s Talk Transformation holds the leadership roles in women’s conferences as well as the social media circuits as a Transformational Coach. Veronica is an excellent coach and mentor to our clients and is compassionate and determined to serve and encourage people from all walks of life. Veronica runs our coaching department and mentors our clients in the Abundant Mindset year long program.

Veronica, is compassionate kind and determined As coach, she is determined to teach and inspire those from pain to progress, from healing to wholeness, potential to purpose.

While she uses her experience as a blueprint for personal success drawn directly from life experiences.

Her extraordinary story of transforming her own life as a victim of childhood mental abuse is the inspiration behind her to teach and help navigate others to do the same.

It is her mission to teach others how to accomplish what was thought to be impossible to attain by tapping into their own infinite potential.

Jacquelyn Tacke

Head of Media & Public Relations

Jackie, is the genius behind Media and Personal Relation of Angela Y. Ervin and 6- Figure Lab. In addition to MPR, Jackie is a Content Strategist, Jackie works with leaders to create content that catches the eye of high-caliber individuals. Jackie is a former Navy veteran, has a great personality and is always warm to our team and clients.

When she is not doing PR, Jackie loves to spend time with her husband and walking the beach's in San Diego.

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