Content That Converts: Five Tips For Generating More Business With Your Marketing

Feb 27, 2022

If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know that content is key for getting your message out and attracting potential customers into your business. 

Yet despite this, many business owners struggle with what it means to create effective marketing content. And while the struggle is real, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few simple steps for getting strategic and converting more customers with your content:

Step #1: Know what you are selling and who you are selling it to

When you are passionate about what you do or excited about a concept, it can sometimes be easy to get carried away, and a common mistake many marketers make is trying to convey too many ideas at once. So before you get started, try making it simpler for yourself by narrowing it down to two key questions: what are you selling and who are you selling it to? Figuring this out will help you eliminate clutter in your messaging and keep things concise for your busy customers.

Step #2: Keep it on brand with consistent keywords

For long term success, any marketing that you develop should represent your business with a certain image and create resonance everytime your customers engage with your content. To enhance this effect, it may be helpful to create a list of keywords that are instantly recognizable to your customers and amplify your marketing message. Not only will this save you time and guesswork when generating content, but it will also facilitate more familiarity with your followers, and inspire them to become customers.

Step #3: Incorporate captivating visuals

In a busy world where people are constantly scrolling through emails and social media, the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words rings very true. Whenever possible, use images to convey your message and get your customers’ attention. You might also consider using a specific color palette or complimentary concepts for each image, as this will work similarly to a keyword strategy for building brand awareness.

Step #4: Don’t forget to include a call to action

No content is complete until you compel your customer to take action, so every marketing message should include specific steps that you want your clients to take. Phrases like “book now”, “give us a call today”, “don’t forget to schedule,” may seem simplistic but are actually very effective for engaging your audience. Additionally, a sense of urgency can provide an added business boost, so you may want to try including time-oriented details such as “while supplies last,” “before it’s sold out” or “for a limited time only.” 

Step #5: Pay attention to feedback and adjust as necessary

Lastly, no marketing strategy should be set in stone. If you notice that you are continually missing your business goals, it may be time to acknowledge that something isn’t working and try a new approach. Rather than getting frustrated or giving up, challenge yourself to think outside the box. For example, it may be helpful to scope out what your competitors are doing, or put a new creative spin on content that has worked for you in the past.