A Single Mother's Guide

How do you make a six-figure income as a business owner? Without working 70 hours a week or neglecting your family?

Business growth is NOT luck... and that's the reason why beginner entrepreneurs are beyond excited about this exceptional business growth self-guided manual.. 

I takes the guesswork out of how to reach financial freedom through building a 6 to 7 brand!

In this e-book you will to learn:

  • How easily turn your passion into money.  
  • Speedily learn how to start a six-figure brand without wasting time figuring it out on your own... even if you've never done it before.
  • Find the real secrets every beginner entrepreneur needs to make a 6 to 7 figure income as a business owner.
  • STOP freaking out about a six-figure brand - Definitively! 

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13 Laws of Success


Learn How To Gain An Unfair Advantage With Financial Stability And How To Avoid Working 70 Hours A Week Or Neglecting Your Family To Master Marketing, Social Media And More Using Proven Strategies.

  • Reveals the answer everyone wants to know for “Why haven't I quit my job yet to start my own brand”
  • Gives you real world insight into answering the question “How can I provide a better life for me and my children when I start the business. 
  • Discover how to make a 6 to 7 figures plus income as a business owner no matter what your past experiences may be. 
  • Get past the idea that having to spend countless hours trying to figure out every detail and finding the right resources once and forever.

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Entrepreneur Blue Print


Do you ever find yourself thinking "a lot of the information available online wasn't always accurate or helpful"... or "I've never started a business before, so I wouldn't know where to start"... or "I'm afraid of failing and having to go back to my 9-5 job again"? I know I was. 

If you're like I was years ago, really frustrated by the fact that having to spend countless hours trying to figure out every detail and finding the right resources, not happy or fulfilled at your current job, and trying to find the right time to dive into building a business full-time?

The details outlined in this book will give you a step by step guide on how to build a 6 to 7 figure plus business. Valuable skills that leaders and top achievers have mastered. How to have an abundance mindset in order to achieve success and more.

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