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With Crafts That Convert

This home-study personal development course is for women – especially moms – who want to learn how to transform their lives and careers by finding purpose, creating a heart-led business, and using their unique crafts to cover their passions into profit.

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The Life of Your Dreams Awaits…

…But You’ll Need to Wake Up to Chase It

What would you do if you woke up to your dream life tomorrow morning? How much would you be willing to give to make that happen?

We all have our own version of our dream lives, careers, and futures. We have goals that we think about every night when we close our eyes, and we have desires that we ponder as soon as we wake up in the morning.

The secret to making all of this and more a reality is cultivating your own sense of self-awareness and using it to create the opportunities you’ve been looking for.

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What Is This Course?

The Crafts That Convert into Sales course is a 6-month personal development course for women who want to learn how to use their hobbies, passions, and side-hustles to create an additional stream of income that they can use to build the lives of their dreams.

How To Manifest The Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of.

How To Turn Your Passions Into Profits.

How To Find And Join The Right Community Of Women.

How To Carve Out And Lead A Unique Niche In Your Industry.

How To Break Into The Retail Space.

How To Focus Your Energy On Your Priorities.

Going From Doubt to Dominating Your Goals

This course will leave you feeling confident, calm, and capable of achieving your wildest goals and aspirations. By learning how to use your strengths as well as your weaknesses as a means to growing your success, you’ll realize how incredibly powerful you are as a woman, an entrepreneur, and a pioneer in your industry.

Learn How Your Crafts Can Convert into Sales

With Amazing Bonus Content

To show you just how much we appreciate your trust in our courses and content, we’re giving you access to the Hello World, It’s Me book. This engaging book is jam-packed with healing strategies and exercises that you can complete over the course of 21 days.

Discover Your Niche With A New Approach

To Running a Business as a Woman

Within the next 12 months, you’ll learn what it takes to not only accomplish becoming a successful woman, but also how to use your femininity and emotional strength as a way to shape your future life and career.

Learn how to build a business or simply discover new ways of running a business as a woman thanks to the help of our engaging, well-written, and highly-effective courses and content.

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If you have any questions about this 12 - month personal development course – or any of our other content at 6-Figure CEO – feel free to reach out to our team today. We’d be more than happy to answer anything you might want to know.

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