6 - Figure CEO Lab is here to awaken your Inner CEO leadership and support your business journey! Our events + programs are packed with Angela proven recipes for success, financial freedom and authentic, purpose-based business.

You have a gift inside you that’s ready to shine.

We can help you unlock your business leadership potential and grow your business with our exclusive events, many of which are 3 days or less. You’ll experience your business breakthrough among a community of entrepreneurial women who are all rooting for YOU!


Year-Long Programs

Our year-long programs offer an immersive, mentorship-based learning experience to help you make the most of your one-of-a-kind business message. You’ll participate in group and one-on-one training sessions, attend our life-changing retreats and learn Sage’s signature formulas.

Home Study Courses

Angela’s home study courses give you access to proven formulas, exclusive training videos, interactive workbooks and more. At your own pace & at your own time, you can learn the easy-to-implement systems for growing your business.

Our Speakers

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Neuroscientist, Mental & Mind Expert

Celebrity Chef Samone Lett

Red Door Catering & Events

Relationship Expert Love McPherson

Love Infinity, Inc.

Dr. Steven Simon

The Love Embassy

Virtual Events  

Attending Angela's virtual events offer students all the advantages of an in-person event and give you the chance to hear more from Angela and her guest around the world, without leaving your house.

Not only does this give you the option to ask any questions about our 6- Figure CEO or the specific course of interest, it’s also a great chance to network and meet valuable connections. 

These connections can really help you take your business to the next level and centered stage. 


In Person Events 

Angela's in person "Awakening" formerly known as "Evolve" have been said to be "Life transforming, evolutionary and a personal reset." 

We are all born ‘awakened’ however through our journey here on earth sometimes we forget that we are more than just our body and more than just our mind. 

Attending an Awakening, helps you breakthrough the trauma, and release the pain and remember the goddess you are. 

Awakening Your Feminine Energy 

You've probably heard talk of spiritual awakenings and how they can lead to more enlightenment. But what does a spiritual awakening really mean, and what does it actually entail? To answer these questions and more, I have created this program.

Don't worry; we got the scoop on how to begin yours, too.

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