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Media Engagement

Angela is available for interviews, speaking events, and more! If you’d like to learn more about the community that cares about women’s success in professional careers across various industries, then reach out! Until then, be sure to check out our newsletters and various programs for more.

Social Media Networking

Become an active part of our community by joining us on our different social media platforms. Our members share their stories, accomplishments, and questions on:

  • 6 - Figure CEO Youtube Channel Listen to over 1000 hours of videos that have engaged audiences from all across the globe. Our conversation are about women leadership, consciousness, personal development, spirituality, mindfulness and more.
  • 6 - Figure CEO Podcast Check our Angela's latest podcast releases to learn what she' doing to help women earn, launch, grow the brand and WIN in life!!

Motivational Speaking and Talks

Angela is on a mission to inspire women in business, and leadership. She devotes her time, coaching, mentoring, speaking and writing books, crafting killer content and managing the 6 - Figure Business Team and JYvae Naturals Skincare Brand. 

Angela would love to speak, coach you, but here are a few things she can't do much of.

  • Endorsements of Product: Angela love hearing about your ideas or product launches. However, Angela can't endorse a product she hasn't experienced. 
  • Keynote Speak at every event, with Angela's schedule unfortunately she can't always speak at every event requested. 
  • Teleconference: Angela host her teleconference and accept invites teleconference upon first come basis.  
  • Webinar: Angela host 1:1 and monthly group webinars for 6 - Figure Lab, and her coaching programs and take invited webinars as suitable within her niche. 

Want To Know More?

If after reading this, you think we can collaborate. You’re welcome to send us an email. Please feel out the form below.  One of our team members will contact you soon. Thank you for potential partnerships in the near future.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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